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About us


Welcome to the Constructive Academy - your gateway to the world of hemp cultivation and far beyond!

Our vision is to shape the "Hemp Age" and inspire, educate and connect people worldwide. Here you will find more than just an educational institution; we are a community of like-minded people driven by a shared belief in the limitless possibilities of hemp and the values of independence, sustainability and freedom.

Our goals are clearly defined:

1. cultivation through coaching: We are here to guide you on your path to successful hemp cultivation. Our experts are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you to ensure that you learn and implement the best practices.

2. hemp in all its facets: We are fascinated by hemp in all its forms - from sustainable agriculture to the use of hemp in medicine, construction, fashion and beyond. Our courses and resources will cover the whole spectrum in the future.

3. building community: At Constructive Academy, we believe in the power of community. We are building a network of like-minded people who share ideas, encourage innovation and come together to drive the 'hemp age' forward.

4. international expansion: Our vision goes beyond geographical borders. Our goal is to create an international community of hemp enthusiasts committed to spreading hemp-related knowledge and opportunities worldwide.

5. advocacy for personal rights related to cannabis: We are passionate about advocating for personal rights related to cannabis. Our goal is to eliminate stigma and create a world where individual choices regarding the use and cultivation of cannabis are respected.

6. the idea of independence, sustainability and freedom: We believe that hemp can lay the foundation for a sustainable and free future. Our education and community promote these ideals to create a better world for all.

Join the Constructive Academy and become part of a movement that is ushering in the "Hemp Age". Together we can learn, grow and change the world. Welcome to the future - welcome to the world of possibilities.

Silhouette of marijuana plants at outdoor cannabis farm field in sunset and sun behind pla


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