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We proudly present our breakthrough product: 'Constructive Microbes'!


Say goodbye to chemicals and say hello to a natural, sustainable solution for your plants and soil. Made with the utmost care, our product contains only non-GMO, plant-based bacteria and enzymes that guarantee a 100% natural effect for your flora and fauna.


Free from any chemicals, you can rest assured that you are giving your plants the purest care. But what exactly is behind these 'constructive microbes'? Let's dive in.

These powerful bacteria work wonders in your soil, breaking down organic compounds and mineralizing the soil to form humus and enrich it with vital nutrients. They regulate fungi, eliminate pathogens and produce natural nitrate, organic carbon and CO2, transforming your soil into a thriving ecosystem for your plants!


The benefits don't stop there though! Research has shown that using 'Constructive Microbes' can increase the yield of your plants by up to 42%! By breaking down organic compounds into tiny nutrient particles, these microbes make nutrients more readily available to your plants, ensuring they are nourished from root to tip. They also improve the flavor, bioactivities and medicinal properties of your plants by producing essential polysaccharides.


But that's not all! The 'Constructive Microbes' also promote the health of your plants by repelling parasites and reducing fungi and pathogens. Whether you're growing palms, hemp, cacti or lemon trees, these microbes have it covered. They even help to remove mildew and ensure that your plants stay in optimum condition all year round.


And let's talk about CO2, the ultimate food for plants. Our 'Constructive Microbes' break down organic compounds into CO2, which not only controls soil pH, but also converts into sugars that promote plant growth. With more nutrients available through enzymatic breakdown, you need less fertilizer - saving you time, money and hassle!


What's more, 'Constructive Microbes' are safe for humans, animals and water. Unlike some bacteria used in agriculture, our products consist only of naturally occurring bacteria that are commonly found in nature. So you can be sure that you are not only improving your soil, but also protecting the environment.


Experience the difference with 'Constructive Microbes'! Your plants will thank you!

Constructive Microbes 5 L

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