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Introducing our revolutionary product: 'Constructive Microbes'!

Say goodbye to chemicals and hello to a natural, sustainable solution for your plants and soil!
Crafted with care, our product contains only non-GMO, plant-based bacteria and enzymes, ensuring 100% natural goodness for your flora and fauna. With 0% chemicals, you can trust that you're giving your plants the purest care possible.

But what exactly do these 'Constructive Microbes' do?

Well, let's dive in. These powerful bacteria work wonders in your soil, breaking down organic compounds and mineralizing the earth to create humus, enriching it with essential nutrients. They regulate fungus, remove pathogens, and produce natural nitrate, organic carbon, and CO2, transforming your soil into a thriving ecosystem for your plants.

And the benefits don't stop there!

Studies have shown that using 'Constructive Microbes' can increase your plant yield by up to 42%! By breaking down organic compounds into tiny nutrient particles, these microbes make nutrients more bio-available to your plants, ensuring they're nourished from root to top. Plus, they enhance the taste, bioactivities, and medicinal properties of your plants, thanks to the production of essential polysaccharides.

But that's not all – 'Constructive Microbes' also promote plant health by repelling parasites and reducing fungus and pathogens. Whether you're growing palm trees, hemp, cactuses, or lemon trees, these microbes have got you covered. They even help clean powdery mildew, ensuring your plants stay in optimal condition year-round.

And let's talk about CO2 – the ultimate plant food.

Our 'Constructive Microbes' break down organic compounds into CO2, which not only controls soil pH but also transforms into sugars that fuel plant growth. With more nutrients made bio-available through enzymatic breakdown, you'll find yourself needing less fertilizer – saving you time, money, and hassle.

What's more, 'Constructive Microbes' are safe for humans, animals, and water.

Unlike some bacteria used in farming, our product consists only of naturally occurring bacteria commonly found in nature. So, you can rest easy knowing you're not only improving your soil but also protecting the environment.

Experience the difference with 'Constructive Microbes' – your plants will thank you for it!

  • Biodynamic solutions for farming.
  • Regeneration of land.
  • Cleaning of soil contamination.
  • Recovery of surrounding areas after incidents.
  • Specialists in bioremediation.
  • Increasing organic mass in soil.

Restoring bacterial culture in soil.

The effect of 'Constructive Microbes' on the germination and growth rate in sugar beet
The tests were carried out to assess the germination and growth rate in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L. subsp. vulgaris).

Seeds of sugar beet were used in the experiment. The plants were grown in 5-L pots filled with universal soil. The research was carried out in three variants: two samples with seeds soaked in 'Constructive Microbes' for 24 hours before sowing at two different dilutions of the formulation, i.e. 100x (1:100) and 200x( 1:200), and a control sample (without the addition of 'Constructive Microbes'. Additionally, foliar spraying with the identical concentrations of the formulation was carried out every 5 days throughout the plant growth period. Photographic documentation was made during plant growth, and beet roots were weighed at the end of the experiment. Additionally, the sucrose content was determined in the sugar beet roots with the polarimetric method.


  • The treatment of the seeds of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L. subsp. vulgaris) with 'Constructive Microbes' increased the germination capacity of the plants. The plants exhibited a clearly higher rate of development in the experimental samples in proportion to the preparation dose applied.
  • The differences in the growth rate persisted in the subsequent weeks of the experiment.
  • The higher rate of growth of the above-ground part of sugar beet resulted in better root development. Relative to the control, the comparative analysis of the fresh weight of sugar beet roots showed an 25% higher root weight gain in the x100 experimental sample and an 40% higher weight gain in the x200 sample after 40 days.
  • The weight of sugar beet roots after 60 days of cultivation differed significantly by approximately 19% in the x100 experimental sample and by approximately 47% in the x200 experimental sample, compared to the control sample.
  • Higher content of sucrose in sugar beet was determined in the x100 experimental sample, compared to the control. The results of the experiment indicate considerable potential of the analysed formulation to exert various effects on plant growth and development.

    CERTIFICATE of product composition
    Bacteriological examination of the products of Microbial Relations Corp., sold under the brand name 'Constructive Microbes', has confirmed their microbial compositions declared by the manufacturer. None of the bacterial species found in these products is included in the list of classified harmful microbial agents, laid down in the annex III to Commission Directive (EU) 2019/1833 of 24 October 2019, amending Annexes I, III, V and VI to Directive 2000/54/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, regarding purely technical adjustments. The microbial composition of the above-described products was established based on bacterial culture followed by sequencing of the 16S rRNA and rpoB genes in the isolated microorganisms.

Constructive Microbes 1 L

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